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What LAB offers to Customers

LAB offers personalized service for the solution of general or specific problems in diverse fields of the socio-economic activity linked to the implementation of chemical, environmental, industrial, microbiological and biological measures, among others.

We also offer advice on the drafting and implementation of projects and studies, as well as our experience in training –in intermediate and advanced levels– in the development and validation of analytical methods and quality standards.

LAB works with the accreditation and certification of several quality standards, which confers our results a high traceability and reliability.

Our customer service will direct you to the area that can give a better response to your information request.


Fruits and vegetables


Milk and dairy products




Meat and derivatives


Fish and derivatives




Cereals and derivatives


Honey and derivatives






Animal feed


Agricultural soils






Plant protection products


Irrigation water


Pool water


Potable water




Urban residual water


Industrial discharges


Untreated continental water


Sewage sludge


Contaminated soils


Immisions and emissions


Underwater sediments

LAB receives the Ícaro Prize for Labor Insertion awarded by the University of Almería

LAB receives the Ícaro Prize for Labor Insertion awarded by the University of Almería

“Since 2003, at LAB we have incorporated more than 60 interns, some of whom are currently an indispensable part of our team.” With these words began Mª Elena Hernández, manager of Bioclínico Analytical Laboratory, her speech of thanks in the delivery of Ícaro Awards held yesterday at the University of Almeria. In 2002, the University…

Post-doc research position in the framework of European cooperation Marie Sklodowska-Curie

LAB (Laboratorio Analitico Bioclinico SL), member of Tentamus Group seeks expressions of interests from potential postdoctoral researchers wishing to apply for Marie Sklodowska Individual European Fellowships. Selected candidates will receive dedicated support from our Directors and Research Manager to develop their proposal and application for submission to the European Commission on 14 September 2017. View…

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