LAB (Spanish acronym of Bio-clinical Analytical Laboratory) is a private company created with the main aim of providing an integral response to the analytical necessities requested in the agri-food, environmental, industrial, and bio-clinical sectors.

LAB has been guided by two fundamental premises: quality and innovation. Therefore, it disposes of the most advanced analytical techniques of the market, as well as a deep knowledge of the most sophisticated analytical methodologies and highly skilled human resources orientated to search optimum solutions and offer the best services regard to quality and time to provide the results.

LAB is particularly competent in studies, projects and analytical services involving chemical, microbiological and environmental measurements and, especially, of organic compounds at low concentrations in any type of sample.

Quality and Environmental Policy
Complaints and Appeals Management


LAB is committed to compliance with good practices in economic, labour and environmental fields. We believe that the principles of ethical commitment to our customers, honesty and transparency should be complementary to continuous improvement in our services based on innovation and knowledge.
Our policy of equality, accessibility, improvement of worker health and environmental policy (waste management, energy and water consume reduction, decreasing of noise pollution) intends to place LAB as a company committed with values consistent with a civilized society