Industry and Other Facilities with Biological Risk

Services and Laboratory Tests


  • Water Field Statutory Inspections
  • Industrial Spill Control. In situ Measurements. Characterization of Detailed and Integrated Samples.
  • Surveillance and Monitoring of Waste Reception Facilities in Maritime-Terrestrial and Hydraulic Public Domains
  • Environmental Surveillance Programs in Ground and Surface Waters
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Air Quality Evaluation. Unchanneled Emissions and Immisions
  • Residues Characterization for Acceptance at Waste Disposal Site
  • Contaminated Soil Characterization
  • Development of Quality Control Program for Specific Compounds


  • Test for the optimization of ultra-pure and/or demineralized water systems performance
  • Products Quality Control Testing
  • Risk Evaluation and Critical Control Points


  • Determination of Legionella in waters
  • Physical-Chemical and Microbiological Control in Cooling Towers and other facilities with risk of growth and dissemination of Legionella
  • Chemical-Physical and Microbiological Control in Pool Waters
  • Chemical and Microbiological Control of Work Environment Atmosphere (hospitals, public facilities, companies, etc)
  • Quality Control of coasts: microbiological control of water, sand, showers, refreshment stalls, etc


Studies and Reports

  • Document Management according to Spanish Regulations (RD 865/2003), which establishes the hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control of legionellosis and the Technical Guide for the application of the RD 865/2203 (August 2006) by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption
  • Development of Programs for the Maintenance of Facilities with risk of growth and dissemination of Legionella
  • Products Quality Control Programs
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Protection Equipment
  • Development of Programs for the Reduction of Occupational Exposure
  • Environmental Impact Reduction
  • Other Studies



LAB offers consulting for clients regarding analysis results and proposals of measures deriving from them.
Besides, and upon clients request, LAB will prepare quality reports of working environments and related to the meaning of the concentration of specific components in samples.
LAB will collaborate with the clients in the design of studies.